Waiting in MN for our next plane

Wow, what a long day of travel so far & it isn’t over yet!! Hour small bus ride to the airport. Inside, bathroom, asked – oh, get on the bus shuttle to terminal 5. We went through a couple of lines & then another shuttle. Then changed gates, started in the line to board after we were supposed to take off. And guess what, another shuttle bus. Dazed & confused, to say the least.

Landing in MN was more organized than leaving Rome. The plane was some operation.  They fed us something like 3 times! Lots of bottles of water given out. Nice staff (Delta).

At least 3 or 4 more lines once we landed in MN. It is so weird to use American money (dollars) & to hear everyone around speaking English. This will take some adjusting to.

For now, waiting for flight to Bloomington, then drive home. Re-pack & train out tomorrow. Adios!